Conversations with Singaporeans

Having lived in Singapore for 9 months now, I know full well that Singaporeans aren’t exactly the friendliest and most courteous people in the whole world.

But to be honest, I don’t expect to see these conversations with people whom I thought to be more educated and professional.

These are real-life conversations:

During a troubleshooting call to SingNet customer service:

Our internet connection was down every few minutes for the last 2 months. What they call a “24-hour hotline”, which apparently only open from 9am to 6pm, gave the following response through an answering machine:


“Say goodbye to any internet connection problems forever! Get fast and reliable answers at http://www.singnet. ”

D’oh! We don’t even HAVE any internet connections, thanks to SingNet, and we’re supposed to find solutions on a website???

At the Singapore General Hospital

A Singaporean nurse asked a few questions to a friend of mine while he was waiting to meet his doctor:

Nurse: Where are you from?

Friend: Jakarta

Nurse: How far is Jakarta from here?

Friend: about 1 hour 15 minutes by plane

Nurse: Oh, that’s quite close. How long will it take to travel here by bus?

Friend: [speechless ….]

In a food court, during lunch

My sis ordered fresh orange juice which happened to be overly sour after she tasted it. So she went back to the juice corner:

My sis: Can you add some sugar for my juice, please?

Seller: Ha? Sugar? We’re all-natural, no sugar. Sorry hah!

At home, during renovation:

Me: Can I ask your opinion?

Handyman (tukang yang ngerjain parquette gw): Sure

Me: Look at that ceiling above you (where the ceiling paints look like two different colors). Do you think it is one, or two colors?

Handyman: I don’t know Ma’am. I’m a parquette man, not a painter

In a food court, during lunch:

Me: Can I have one green apple juice please?

Cashier: $2.60 please

… So she gave some orders to the juice-maker behind her in Mandarin

… Then I noticed that the juice-maker put red instead of green apples

Me: Excuse me. I asked for green apple. She put red apples in my juice

Cashier: Ha????

… then she talked to the juice-maker in Mandarin again

Cashier: Would you like me to mix your juice with some green apples?

Me: That’s not the point. I asked for GREEN APPLE JUICE. Why can’t you make another one for me? I don’t like red apples! (starting to get annoyed)

Juice-maker (shouting from behind the cashier): Aiyahhh… next time when you want green apple you say it when you order hah!!!!

Me (very annoyed): I DID ORDER ONE GREEN APPLE JUICE!!!!

Cashier: Aiyah, sorry hah …. you did say green apple juice. My mistake …

… then she talked to the juice maker, in mandarin, to make me another juice. The juice-maker, of course, never apologized.

At home, after the solemnization of our marriage:

Solemnizer: Now I pronounce you man and wife, and this concludes the ceremony for today

… photo ops, shaking hands, ya di ya da

Solemnizer: Now you will give me ang pao as a token of appreciation 😀

… we did prepare an ang pao for the solemnizer … but did he really have to remind us to give it to him????

– To be continued when I recall more funny encounter with Singaporeans 😀 If you have a similar story, add them in 🙂


6 thoughts on “Conversations with Singaporeans

  1. Well so cerita bahwa orang Singapore jutek bener.

    Memang lebih enak tinggal di Eropa, orangnya relatif ramah ramah, bahkan dibanding orang Indonesia.

    Cuman dapet visa kerja, susah banget…

  2. Hahaha so funny.. apalagi yang tragedi buah apel… 😀

    Really liked your blog, easy and fun to read, keep up the good work, really open my eyes about trying to work outside Indonesia.

  3. Singapur sih emang enak buat jalan-jalan, shopping ngabisin duit , pokoknya kegiatan yang hedon2 gitu laah, tapi buat hidup. i think better living in our self country. at least, disana gak ada pepes ikan mujair+daun kemangi trus dibakar pake minyak wijen!

  4. IT IS TOTALLY TRUE!!! Singaporeans are awful…
    Don’t worry.. You are not alone!!!

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