The Banyan Tree Bangkok: All Boxes Ticked

The Room ****

We write this review after staying at The Metropolitan Bangkok, so we’re a bit biased here … because the room at The Met is better (in our humble subjective opinion). But having said that, the rooms at Banyan Tree are actually good, meeting our expectation in every possible way. It’s just not as spacious.

And every 2 nights, they always put a little something in bed for you … fridge magnet, chocolate bar, paper weight, just little things that you can keep as souvenirs. They also provide you with an aromatherapy kit that you can light up yourself without setting off the fire alarm. And this is all free 🙂

The Food *****

This is one thing where I believe the Banyan Tree scored against The Met. Their food is more home-cooking style, and it just tastes sooooo gooood! For a different experience, you might want to book the Banyan Tree river cruise dinner, which we absolutely love! It’s a smaller, more intimate cruise, no cheesy music or below-average dancers.

The Spa ***

Heard so much bruhaha about the Banyan Tree Spa, I just got to try it 🙂 I had a full body Balinese boreh massage. Generally the 90-minute spa experience was good, although the masseuse was so petite and frail, her full force felt like a mere rub on my skin. But at the end of that aromatic relaxing experience, my “slumber” on that massage bed was destroyed by a “DING!!” noise … apparently she set an alarm to go off after 90 minutes. Grrrrr……

Having said that, I would still recommend The Banyan Tree spa for people who like a total spa experience but is not a fan of strong massage. For some hardcore massage maniac like me … a strong Thai or Javanese massage in a massage parlor (not a spa!) is waaayyyy better 🙂

The Pool **

The pool is just disappointing. It’s rather small -relative to the size of the hotel, and it has very narrow area for sunbathing or walking around.

VERTIGO, That Bar on The Rooftop *****

It’s one of the tallest bar in Bangkok, and it’s really cool. This place is awesome! You can see the whole Bangkok from up here! Make sure you don’t wiggle your feet to much at your seat though …. My sandal fell off sky-dived to the lower part of the rooftop …. I have to applaud (and eventually tipped) the bar waiter who took the risk to walk down and rescued it!

All-in-all, with pluses and minuses, this is still a great hotel. If you want to be in a ideally-located hotel with a Thai / Asian ambiance, the Banyan Tree is definitely the place to go.


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