The Venetian, Las Vegas: Stunning, But Poorly Managed

Room ****

Can’t complain about the room. It’s huge, and the bathroom is beyond belief! Everything is of course Italian style, with lots of marble columns, granite floors and ceiling paintings of angelic creatures. Lots of gold colors too.

The Facilities ****

It has Madame Tussaud, Guggenheim, the Blue Man show and Phantom of The Opera were staged here daily while we were there. A row of restaurants, shops, slot machines and gambling tables. You name it, they have it. Although I’m not a big fan of all the tackiness of Vegas …. the gondola, Rialto bridge, all these fake Italianism just didn’t do anything to me … not when the basics (aka THE SERVICE) are not done right. Read further to see what I mean …

Service **

Let’s call it like this. The hotel’s AAA five-diamond rating is totally overrated. The service is absolutely disappointing. After some 15 hour flight to LA and 3.5 hour drive to Las Vegas, we literally almost slept at the check-in line. One hour of queuing to check in was, by any hotel standards (even the crappy ones), unacceptable.

Before we even checked in, we had to cope with a traffic mayhem just trying to drive into the hotel entrance. They had, like, three lines of cars stopping before, at, and just after the entrance, with people dropping off luggage or getting on a taxi, with no traffic controller. For a hotel at that magnitude, they should have anticipated this problem long before summer holiday begins. We were there in 2006 … three years after the hotel first opened, so it’s not like it was their first holiday crowd experience.

So there we were, finally getting into our room only at 1AM, thanks to the queues we had to put up with.

The housekeeping service was also pretty bad. When we were there, its housekeeping team just started a new process where

a) one person stripped the bed sheets and towels plus put the new linens, then

(b) another person makes the bed. So when we returned to our room after brunch, we found our room totally linen-less, with a clean set of linen by the bed, unmade.

We phoned housekeeping to fix this, and we get a lengthy explanation about this new procedure (do we care???? NO!! We just want our b&**^%y bed fixed!!!). Some three hours later, no one showed up. The beds were only made after we returned from The Blue Man show, late in the evening. Half a day to make up room. Great.

We were made even more upset about this new “procedure”, because it means that the person stripping the beds gets to collect all the tips while the person making the bed gets nothing. Just another evidence of poorly-thought managerial decision ….

The hotel was so huge and overpowering, it’s easy to get lost. Signs aren’t exactly clear or omnipresent. Or at least not easy enough for my little squinty eyes to spot.

They were constructing a new wing at that time, and we honestly couldn’t imagine the chaos it would experience once it’s done. They couldn’t even manage the existing 3000-something rooms, let alone another extra thousand.

The only redeeming points the hotel got was one Finnish waiter at the all-day dining cafe, who was genuinely nice, friendly and helpful. A drop in a bucket after what we experienced for three nights there ….

Is it worth it to stay there? If you’re big into prestige and want to brag to the whole world that “I’ve Stayed At The Venetian!”, YES, it’s definitely worth it to stay there, five-diamond rating and all. But if you’re just looking for a personalized service, a great room and a pleasant stay, don’t waste your time and money on this hotel.


6 thoughts on “The Venetian, Las Vegas: Stunning, But Poorly Managed

  1. I didn’t have any problems when I stayed at the Wynn in Las Vegas. I took a cab to the hotel instead of trying to drive through crazy Vegas traffic. As for the reception desk, I was in and out in less than 5 minutes. Any time I had to go to the reception desk they were courteous and did not cause me any problems. The Wynn is a 5 star hotel that is courteous and enjoys your business, heck they bed only takes one person to fix. I would choose them over the venetian next time.

  2. Lirun, is this you? Ha … Vegas isn’t my thing either … If not for the great shows like The Blue Man, Celine Dion, Cirque du Soleil and stuff, we wouldn’t even think of going there in the first place 🙂

  3. all the casino HUGE HUGE hotels are like that. Whether Las Vegas, Genting, Macau…. all the same.
    Once you are in, asking for something like asking for housekeeping for additional towels will take hours.

    That is common for HUGE HUGE hotels in those casino city I went. Try to get smaller casino hotel next time

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