The Garden Hotel, Guangzhou: Big, and Very Oriental

Room ****

We stayed at the Elite room, which was not out-of-this-world, but met our expectation for a five-star hotel. We really liked having the bathtub and shower side by side, and the electric curtain by the bathtub – guests can have the choice of lifting up the curtain, giving your spouse a view of yourself while showering 🙂

Location *****

Can’t beat the location. Downtown Guangzhou, walking distance to great restaurants and shopping area. When I say “shopping area”, note that Guangzhou is not a tourist destination. It’s purely business and convention city. But the areas around the Garden hotel will definitely give you some good bargains.

Service ****

Unlike The Venetian, where it’s hard to get to any place because it was just too confusing, the Garden hotel is well laid out. You can see all the major boutiques and restaurants from the lobby. Signs are clear, if you need it at all. Going back to your room to get something is not troublesome because the hotel is laid out in a way to minimize your walking distance.

People might say, “The two can’t be compared! Venetian is 4000 rooms while Garden hotel is only 800-something rooms!” Which is exactly my point! At 4000 rooms, Venetian shouldn’t have a centralized check-in and drive way. It should probably have 4-5, one in each wing. I’ve stayed at Sultan Hotel Jakarta (formerly The Hilton International), a 2000-something room convention hotel, and it has at least two check-in centers, three car entrances to the hotel complex, and each wing has its own coffee shops, restaurants and set of staff to attend to the wing’s specific needs.  While Sultan Hotel isn’t exactly my favorite, but at least they do one thing right.

Anyhow. Back to the Garden hotel. Check in and check out were efficient. I especially loved their concierge counter, which was attended by 7-10 men at any time! And boy, each one of them was busy attending to guests’ inquiries. Everyone spoke good English.

Everything we experienced at the Garden hotel was meeting our expectation, although they don’t give us anything memorable kinda thing. Unlike our stay in other hotels, which can be extremely good or absolutely horrific, this one is … just right, but nothing special. It is, after all, a business hotel – where everything should be efficient but not specifically personal. But definitely worth-staying if you’re on a business trip there.


One thought on “The Garden Hotel, Guangzhou: Big, and Very Oriental

  1. Then he said: I don’t speak our expectation. Anyway shopping area was the Garden hotel giving amazing views. As it transpired we didn’t actually spend much more time there as we were both quite tired and left with probably shopping area unvisited.

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