Conversations with ShangriLa Rasa Sentosa Staff (part 1 of 2)

This is not a standard hotel review article … I thought my experience at ShangriLa Rasa Sentosa Resort, Singapore, is rather beyond belief I should post the quote-per-quote account of what happened that day, when my husband and I got a chance to stay overnight at the supposedly great family resort.

When I wanted to enter the hotel with my car, I asked security,“Excuse me uncle, where is the car park?”

The security uncle said, “Why do you want to go to the car park, Ma’am?”

Me (starting to get pretty confused …), “Errhhh…….. to park my car??!?!!!?!?”

Apparently, their policy stated that the car park is only for hotel guest use, so I need to check in first, then show my room key to the security to get access to the car park. Which is rather funny, because the hotel gets a lot of food and dining business from non-hotel guest … and where would these gala dinner guests park their car???

The funnier thing is … throughout my two-day stay there, I see that the security guard always opens the car park door for anyone, not just those who show their room key. So much for troubling me with their “policy” ….

Anyhow, back to the story … so I went to the check in desk to get into the room, reserved under my husband’s name. I said,“Hello. I am checking in for Mr. AAA BBB, corporate reservation under Company XXX, checking out tomorrow. He is currently here in one of your meeting rooms, but hasn’t checked in.”

I gave the receptionist my passport number, my ID card and my husband’s mobile number, just in case he didn’t believe me. But instead of calling him to confirm if I was indeed his wife checking in on his behalf, he said,“Ma’am, we have to ask you a few questions for security reasons.”

I thought, no problem. This happened from time to time. Then the receptionist asked me that magical “security” question:“Which company does your husband work for?”

Me (confused once more, and starting to get pretty annoyed):“I told you several times already. He works for XXX Bank … checking out tomorrow! Why don’t you just call my husband and ask for yourself if you don’t believe me?”

Receptionist: “Ahh… sorry Ma’am. I got it. We now need you to just sign this form and give us your passport so we can check you in. We will fill in the details in the form for you.”

So, one more time, I showed him my passport and signed the check in form. The receptionist hurriedly wrote down the details of my passport into the check in form. He wrote 10 September 2007 (the date of issue of my passport) as my date of birth, and noted down those magical two-line numbers at the bottom of my passport (like … >>>><<<<MJE19XXCV2975555HGT>>>>>>) as my passport number.

I quickly grabbed that form, crossed out those details and filled them with the correct information. He then asked me,“Anything wrong, Ma’am?”

Me (starting to get genuinely annoyed because this check-in process has taken more than 15 minutes):“Do you honestly think I look like someone born in 2007 ?” (while continue to write corrections in the form)

After re-filling the check in form, I noticed that the receptionist was starting to get pretty restless. Maybe also annoyed because I have been standing there for too long. He finally said,“No worries Ma’am. Just ask your husband to come here at some point today to fill out this this check in form. It has to be his signature because the reservation is under his name. Here’s your keys, and enjoy your stay.”

That’s it. That statement just hit the anger button in me… , “If the check in form MUST be under my husband’s name, why don’t you just said so some 20 minutes ago so you and I don’t have to go through all these lousiness?????”””

Once I received the key, I just left immediately, not saying a thing, before that receptionist got another opportunity to say something else stupid ..

So much for expecting a ShangriLa standard of service …. but this stupidity is not over yet!!! See next article here


2 thoughts on “Conversations with ShangriLa Rasa Sentosa Staff (part 1 of 2)

  1. Filling up the reg card is mandatory for any person staygin in the room under Singapore Law, even though the room is not book under your name. the receptionist has the obligation to take your identity. but I believe he should have phrased it in another way…

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