My Room at ShangriLa Rasa Sentosa Resort (part 2 of 2)

Does this look like a ShangriLa room?
Does this look like a ShangriLa room?

During the check-in incident (read “Conversations with ShangriLa Rasa Sentosa Staff” on, I also asked for a room with king bed, but the receptionist said that all king bed rooms are fully booked so they would put me in a double bed room but send a room boy to combine the two beds.

At that time, it was a week day and not a school holiday. Both my husband and I used to work in the hotel industry, and knew for sure that a holiday resort like this one is usually empty during the week. But I was tired of arguing with this receptionist who always said, wrote and asked the wrong thing. I just accepted the offer to combine the two single beds

I entered the room, and struck by the look of it. It, seriously, looked worse than my college dorm room! The floor is ceramic (not marble, not even carpet). The furnitures were old, the wood chipping off here and there. The sink was cracked. Its cable TV channels were very limited, they didn’t even have Starworld!!! I actually checked in there hoping to see American Idol which was nearing its finale.

And when I wanted to make a cup of tea, I realized this hotel did not give 2 free mineral water bottles in the room! Not that it mattered much for me … I know Singapore water is potable. But what about all those people who did not know that the water is potable?

An hour after checking in, the room boy that the receptionist promised to send a room boy to combine the beds have not arrived. And we were hungry. So my husband and I went to the receptionist one more time, first because he had to fill in the check in form, and secondly to remind the very same receptionist to send a room boy to combine the beds. We went to dinner afterwards.

Some two hours later I went back to the hotel room to find out that the beds were still not touched! More than three hours!!! Very upset, I rang guest service to send someone right that very minute. One room boy soon arrived to apologize and see what he could do to me. After making the request to combine the beds, he said, “Sorry Ma’am. These two beds cannot be combined because all the cablings are situated in the bedside table between the two beds. This bedside table cannot be moved.”

… in my head, I was swearing at that one dumb receptionist who made empty promises about combining a bed that couldn’t even be moved!!! ….

“But the hotel is not full Ma’am. You should be able to move into a king room,” the room boy continued.

In my heart, I was saying to myself, “I thought so. That sneaky receptionist just blatantly lied to me,” but I said to the room boy,“But I did ask the receptionist several times for a king room, the guy said all king rooms are full…”

The room boy responded, “Am fairly sure we can give you a king room. Let me call them now.”

He rang receptionist from my room, and immediately got an answer that they can move me to a king room right away.

In total, until we arrived to our new room, we had to “trouble” 1 receptionist, 3 telephone operators, 1 front office supervisor, 2 room boys and 1 bell boy who took care of my luggage going from one room to another, including cleaning up the twin bed room that I have messed up and the new king room to be ready.

Moral of the story (hotel staff: I hope you read this carefully!!!): if a desired type of room is actually available, why should the receptionist upset me plus trouble many of his colleagues, just because he was too lazy or unwilling to check the reservation status for that day? It’s only a few computer clicks away …

And because of his stupidity, or laziness, ignorance, whatever you call it, he completely ruined our stay. Everyone in my husband’s group who stayed and met at that hotel knew about this incident, and apparently each one of them didn’t have that good an experience with this hotel either, because they decided to scrape this hotel off its corporate hotel list for Singapore.

As for my family, we will never go back to that hotel. Not for business, not for leisure, not even for dinner. Not after finding out that this crappy hotel with lousy service, broken furnitures, old linens, no free mineral water in the room, actually cost S$268 per night, for a week day!!!!

Absolutely a waste of money, and a drain on my emotion.


3 thoughts on “My Room at ShangriLa Rasa Sentosa Resort (part 2 of 2)

    1. Hi Silverlenses: hopefully you can bring good influence to their standard of service 🙂 Internship is internship. Regardless of my comments, ShangriLa Rasa Sentosa resort is still a decent name to put on your resume.

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