Victory? Against What?

I just saw Lindsey Graham’s speech at the US Republican Convention today, and I suddenly felt sick to the stomach. So sick about his claims that the US troops are winning the war on terror in Iraq and that the efforts American soldiers who have put their lives on the line are not in vain.

I am not a Democrat. I don’t have the right to vote. I’m not even American. But my husband is an American, a former Republican delegate at that. However, unlike many war-hungry Republicans today, he’s also sick to the stomach by the way Republicans implies fear in the minds of Americans by using “war on terrorism” for their political gain.

To begin with, Iraq doesn’t have anything to do with 9/11 or the war on terror. The sole reason why the US troops is in Iraq is, supposedly, to oust Saddam Hussein and end his weapon-of-mass-desctruction (WMD) dreams. Supposedly.

Even this turned out to be a blatant lie. George Bush confirmed that there were no WMD in Iraq ( see his speech on, and ALTERED the cause for going into Iraq into streams of nonsense like:

“They don’t have WMDs but have the capacity to develop WMDs and we must prevent this from happening.” –> So it’s like …. killing your neighbors’ newborn babies before they grow up to become thieves and murderers. Great!!!!

“We have to send a message that it’s not okay for them to come into our country and kill 3,000 of our citizens” –> again, this is deceitful. Iraq didn’t have anything to do with 9/11. al-Qaeda did.

“We need to create, within the Middle East, a model of freedom and democracy.” –> What makes it the job of the Americans to create a model of freedom and democracy by invading another country and killing, some say, more than one million Iraqis to date (, when in the last eight years Americans have enjoyed a rapidly declining rate of freedom at home, under the banner of “homeland security”?

As of 2006, Zogby International and Le Moyne College’s Center for Peace and Global Studies’ surveys amongst 944 US soldiers in Iraq ( showed that almost 90% still think that the war is about retaliation for Saddam’s role in 9/11.

Gees …. the power of lies when it comes from the mouth of the President and his party …..

Soldiers went to a war and sacrificed their lives for a reason they don’t even understand. But that’s okay … because “We are winning! Victory is at hand!” as John McCain, Bush, Lindsey Graham and Sarah Palin said.

Winning against what???? Saddam was already executed in 2006! Why did the war continue beyond that?

So far, more than 4,000 US military personnel have been killed (, more than those who died in 9/11. Some other sources mentioned a much higher number … up to 16,000 military personnel and 440 US contractor personnel. At least over 90,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed ( A detailed survey by the United Nations Development Programs (UNDP) and the Iraqi government in 2005 involving 21,000 Iraqi households revealed that their living conditions were worse off than pre-invasion time (

If this bloodshed and continued deterioration of living conditions are what the Republicans call as “victory”, and if the American people want to continue to support it, God have mercy on them….


3 thoughts on “Victory? Against What?

  1. hi, i stumbled on your blog while searching on google about foreign workers in singapore. i am a university student from the philippines taking creative writing and comparative literature and im interested in cultural studies.

    after reading a few of your articles here, i say that you are very liberal and critical compared to most singaporeans. and i think that is something good.

    anyway, i want to talk about a few more things but i think we can do it in some other venue.


  2. Hi Om, I’m not a Singaporean although I currently live there 🙂 which is why some of my posts are in another language – Indonesian at that (which shares some vocabs with Tagalog, by the way …) . Good luck with your studies …. creative writing is fun! 😀

  3. Hi Elinski,

    I supposed ini sebenernya cuma masalah “kesinggung per-nya” 😀

    Americans are raised to believe they’re THE in most of everything…hell, I believe they think they’re THE in everything.

    Dan ternyata kebobolan juga.

    The government just have safe their own a88 and spare themselves some dignity, in blaming this to others instead of introspecting of what caused it.

    There ain’t no smoke where there ain’t no fire, right..

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