Mantra Hervey Bay: A Comfortable Launching Pad

The Room *****

The rooms are self-contained apartments, with kitchen and all supplies (kettle, spoon and forks, pots and pans, knives, you name it!), washing machine and dryer, clothing lines, and microwave oven. It has a separate living and dining area, and the sofa is also a pull-out bed. Every room has a balcony, either looking into the town or the harbour. It feels like being in a proper home, with a nice view.

The best thing about this hotel is the in-room facilities and the size of the room itself. It compensates for the lack of distinctive character in other areas (service, facilities, etc.) and I would recommend this hotel to anyone visiting Hervey Bay.

The Facilities ***

People can’t swim in Urangan, so the hotel makes up for it by having a nice pool overlooking the harbour. It has a dining table on the balcony of every room, which is a great plus. But other than that, nothing really distinctive about this hotel’s facilities.

The Location *****

It’s right next to Urangan boat harbour, which is the launching pad for barges and ferries to Fraser Island and whale-watching trips. The ferry straight to Kingfisher Bay Resort also starts here. Urangan also houses several cafes and nice little stores, and the Esplanade (the main shopping and entertainment strip) is a short drive away. This hotel is great for a transit before moving on to Fraser Island or the Great Barrier Reef, or an overnight getaway before or after a whale watching tour.

The Service ****

Our stay was short and we didn’t really ask for much service. Having that great room was more than sufficient for us. We were happy just relaxing in our room, from the time we checked in until check-out time. But generally speaking, check-in and check-out was efficient. The staff were friendly and helpful. Nothing to complain about, the service met our expectation.

This is a great place for an overnight stay, to relax and refresh yourself after a long road trip. I wouldn’t recommend staying more than 1-2 days here … there aren’t really much to do at Hervey Bay¬† … not much when you compare it to Fraser Island, the Gold Coast, or the Great Barrier Reef.


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