The Venetian Macau: Wow, My Bed is Made! :-)

venetianmacau_beautyshotI’ve stayed at The Venetian Las Vegas before (read here for the review) so I won’t repeat my comments about that fake Italian feeling. If you haven’t read my Venetian Las Vegas review, please read that first to give you a better picture of why I write the things that I write below 🙂

Service ****

The service is impressive compared to the one that I encountered in Vegas. They have free shuttle buses to the ferry terminal and airport, the staff were largely knowledgeable, the ever-present security guards were courteous, occasionally amusing when they chase away the professional call girls in mini skirts from the lobby. With at least half of the service staff being Filipino, I didn’t have any problem understanding their English.

Having said that, some of the staff do need to know their surroundings better. At least two staff members gave us wrong directions on how to get to the main lobby from the south lobby, and one even said, “I don’t know …” In a hotel as big as the Venetian, every guest is guaranteed to be lost and every staff members should be trained to address this problem.


The room was identical to the one in Las Vegas. Actually, not just the room …. EVERYTHING about the hotel is identical to Vegas. The only problem with the room is the lack of shelf space in the shower, which means we have to put our shampoo, shaving cream, soap etc. ON THE FLOOR while showering. Fairly minor though … everything else about the room was great 🙂

Facilities & Surroundings ***

Just like Vegas, Venetian Macau is full of shops. But it doesn’t just focus on high-end retail shops. They have Giordano alongside Tiffany & Co., Guess as well as Chanel. And they have a mall-style food court, selling everything from Korean bibimbap to Chinese charsiu rice. I find this a nice combination, because I don’t do much high-end retail therapy.

Many shows, including Cirque de Soleil, are housed here. So does 20 restaurants and bars. And the largest casino in Macao. So basically you can stay here for several days without needing to step out from the hotel for entertainment.

However, kids are not allowed to enter the casino area … not even if they’re just trying to take a short cut to the other end of the hotel, accompanied by their parents. Every time we had to walk the long and winding route to get to the other side of the hotel, simply because the casino hogs the center spot of the hotel and we can’t walk through it.

Furthermore, the signage is as poor as the one in Vegas. Maybe they do this intentionally so guests would get lost in the shops before ever finding an exit. There are signs everywhere, but it doesn’t tell you where to go. You have one sign saying “LEFT to Grand Canal” but that sign would be nowhere to find at the next intersection. Signs are located on the side of the wall, not right in front of your face, and often not big enough for normal tourists to see.

Another annoying thing about the hotel is the multitude of Chinese tour groups in the hotel. There are virtually thousands of tourists visiting the Venetian every day (a few of them smoking while walking around, most of them have no regards for queuing whatsoever), and it made Venetian look like a total joke …. Italian design, Filipino workers, Chinese chaos 🙂 It also means that you would have to fight with them to get the attention of a concierge, because they will cut you off and push you aside even as you’re speaking to the concierge.

For some quiet, relaxing, retail time … my husband and I prefer to walk to the next shopping arcade, the Four Seasons, which is tourist-free.

Food ****

Great selection of food from Korean, American, Chinese to Portuguese. Starbucks, Fatburgers and McD are available for those who don’t like exotic stuff. We recommend the food festival for those who want yummy, affordable fast food from all nations. The pizza and burgers there are not bad either :-)Some restaurants (like 3 Monkeys) are child-friendly. Having said that, none of them compare to the delight of eating at Fernando’s in old-town Coloane 🙂 Even the Portuguese restaurant at the Venetian (Madeira) couldn’t compare with the richness of Fernando’s flavors 🙂


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